OCD ERP DBT: A Winning Combination

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I was able to configure an approach for those individuals that had failed out of traditional ERP or were unable to start ERP because of low tolerance for distress, life stressors or other diagnosis affecting their ability to engage in ERP treatment.

#Faceyourfears: A Mom’s View

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This thing that was bothering her was more powerful than cleaning supplies, and more powerful than Mom and Dad’s love….I realized I needed to face my fears about raising a child with a mental disorder for my daughter to get help we all so desperately needed.

#Faceyourfears: A Dad’s View

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We also had to face our own fears as parents. We had to see that we had unknowingly enabled OCD to grow more powerful. We all had to learn what we were living with and how to battle it. Therapy taught us the tools to begin a healing process.