Successful Learning at Home

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“How are things going?”
How is week 5 of virtual school? Have you found ways to socialize and connect? What should we expect from our kids and from ourselves as parents? Things we can do to normalize the experience, maintain morale, and build resilience.

With Michael Labellarte, M.D. and Nigel Sequeira, M.Ed.

This talk was requested by Odyssey School Middle School for their parents.

Michael J. Labellarte, Sr., M.D. is a well-known and well-regarded child and adolescent psychiatrist. He is on faculty at Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland. Dr. Labellarte has always been a fan of a good story and good characters. Growing up, he enjoyed comic books and playing sports. He started college intending to be a sports journalist, but a chemistry class put him on the course of medicine. He was drawn to psychiatry because it required the most discipline, lots of biochemistry, and the access to the best stories.  As a psychiatrist, he enjoys hearing kids tell their stories and helping them on their hero’s journey in overcoming mental health challenges. With over 20 years’ experience treating patients, authoring and leading numerous psychopharmacology research studies and raising his own children, there is not much he hasn’t seen or heard.

Nigel Sequeira is an Academic Coach who works with students of all ages and remotely across the country to help them reach their academic goals. He studied Electrical Engineering as an Undergraduate at Oklahoma State University and switched careers to get his Graduate Degree in Education at Harvard University. He has worked in Independent Schools for 20 years in Massachusetts and Maryland and has been in private practice for the last 7 years as an Executive Function Coach. In addition to work with students across disciplines he also supports some of our students at the Odyssey School. He is married with two girls in middle and high school.